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Today is World Environment Day 2018

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Sustainability and the environment play a key part in our thinking here at Origin.

Today is World Environment Day. This gives us a chance to talk about what we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment.

Growing concerns of the impact of single use plastics on the environment are making headlines, with the UK throwing away as many as 2.5 billion paper coffee cups each year, the take away food and drink industry is under scrutiny to act to on the waste it produces. 

From the growth of the coffee cherries to the disposal of our coffee bags and grounds, we are working towards reducing our impact on the environment at every stage of the coffee production process. 

When importing our coffee, it arrives at The Roastery in Helston in hessian sacks. We try reuse, these sacks through packaging, or by donating them to local organisations such as Newquay Community Orchard, who use them for weed matting around their trees. 

The green coffee is then roasted using The Loring Smart Roast patented technology which eliminates the need for an afterburner reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to previous roasting methods.

A by-product of the roasting process is coffee chaff which is the husk on the outside of the bean. This has many alternatives uses and we offer it free of charge from our Roastery. So far, our chaff has been used as chicken bedding, mulching and in compostable toilets. Get in touch with The Roastery to arrange collection.

Once the coffee beans have been roasted, they are ready to be brewed. We offer free coffee grounds for reuse at all our sites to our customers. These grounds improve drainage, water retention and aeration in soil providing a great source of nitrogen for composting.

In Cornwall, we recycle any coffee bags used at our 3 main locations across Harbour Head, The Warehouse and The Roastery to prevent them going to landfills.  We are currently working with suppliers to develop a more environmentally friendly packaging for our coffee bags whilst maintaining the taste and quality of the coffee.

We are committed to reducing our reliance on single use plastic offering 20p to all those who bring their own reusable cup. Our takeaway cups are compostable and will break down in your home compost bin. All of our shops offer free water bottle refill stations reducing the need to buy plastic water bottles.

We support local initiatives such as Refresh Porthleven that work towards reducing the impact single use plastic has on our planet. 

We are constantly researching new and exciting ways to improve the lifecycle impact of our coffee and will be bringing out more new initiatives and products over the coming year.


Our Environmental Policy is reviewed annually and can be viewed here.

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