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Lima Tasting Series. One coffee, three processes.

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The latest in our special edition collection sees us release the Lima Tasting Series. This trio of coffees are particularly important to us as are the result of a collaborative experiment with our long-time coffee partner, Fernando Lima. They're a showcase of our direct trade partnerships and working together in pursuit of coffee excellence.

Origin Coffee's Joshua Tarlo with Fernando Lima

Last autumn we visited our good friend Fernando Lima who owns some of our favourite farms in El Salvador, including Santa Elena. Santa Elena is located in one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen coffee grown - high above the crater lake Coatepeque in the country's Santa Ana region.

Santa Elena overlooking crate lake Coatepeque

Fernando Lima, owner of Santa Elena in El Salvador

Fernando’s coffee has always been incredible, it’s sweet, complex, fruity and clean - a box ticker of delicious things. We spoke to him about an idea for an experiment to see just how incredible Santa Elena could be; one which wouldn’t be constrained by cost, timelines or volume and would present no risk to him – no matter what, we would buy the coffee.

With that in mind we set about a dialogue which resulted in the idea of a processing tasting series of his best coffee. This was achieved by isolating the best part of his farm, Tablon One, and processing it in three different ways using techniques that he believed would make the best cup.

At 2,100 masl Tablon One is the highest part of the farm. It’s also home to 70 year old coffee trees grown from the seeds of the first bourbon trees ever planted in El Salvador. Once isolated and all the old growth trees identified Fernando continued the classic method of producing great coffee with selective cherry picking and hand sorting. After his pick he separated the coffee to process in three different ways - washed, pulped natural and natural. This multi-processing allows us to taste and experience how the exact same coffee processed in different ways expresses different flavours and sensations.

We're delighted with the results and hope you get to experience the coffees alongside each other. They're being brewed throughout the UK. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates of where and when @origincoffee 

The series is also available in a special edition gift set which can be ordered at In order to do justice to the coffees we worked with design studio, A-side to commission local illustrator, Sophie Chadwick to produce the artwork for the set. Sophie's collage style - layering materials to create engaging forms - worked perfectly in expressing the different flavour profiles of each of the three coffees. She then created a fusion of the three pieces, layered with photos from our trip to Santa Elena to create the art for an A3 poster which accompanies the set, telling the story of the collaboration.

For us, it's all about craft, relationships and integrity throughout the supply chain, from producer to illustrator to drinker.

Illustrator Sophie Chadwick

Lima Tasting Series set

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