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Event: Northern Barista Club

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Calling all Northern baristas and bar people. (Spectators also very welcome.) 


On Thursday 5 May we’re joining forces with Foundation House and Cup North to host a competition incorporating two of our favourite things, great coffee and great spirits.

Inspired by the Coffee in Good Spirits competition, which our very own Dan Fellows knows a thing or two about, the event will involve an Origin espresso being used as the basis of some cracking alcoholic drinks.

Thursday 5 May at 7pm.

Foundation Coffee House, Sevendale House, Lever Street, Manchester.

To Take Part
If you’d like to compete, please drop [email protected] a line for a spot.

The Coffee
Kenya Kii Zahabu – contact [email protected] if you’d like a sample to brew with beforehand.

Competition Rules, courtesy of Cup North
1. Maximum of 12 competitors and 3 rounds. 
2. Each competitor gets five minutes to prepare an espresso based alcoholic cocktail using the coffee provided by Origin (there must be at least one espresso of approx 25ml in the drink) 
3. The cocktail must be a minimum of 50ml in volume
4. Each competitor must provide their glassware, ingredients including alcohol and any tools/equipment they need to prepare their drink - ice will be provided by the organisers
5. Coffee, grinder, and machine will be calibrated to extract the provided coffee to Origin's spec - this will be checked before each round to maintain as much consistency in the espresso throughout. Competitors may adjust the grinder but as this is a fast-paced competition with a focus on the cocktail element of the drink all changes will have to be made during the five minutes stage time. Competitors who wish to try the coffee in advance of the competition may contact [email protected] to order a sample including a recommended brew recipe.
6. This will be a knock-out competition with competitors drawn against each other at random. Competitors should strive to combine coffee with other ingredients to create a quality alcohol and coffee based beverage. Coffee may not be the dominant flavor of the final drink but must be clearly identifiable. Competitors are advised to explain verbally to the judges why they chose their particular drink, the beverage constituent structure, the major taste elements, the ingredients used in the signature beverage and the philosophy behind the drinks served. 
7. First prize has been provided by event sponsor Origin Coffee in the form of a 6 month subscription (6 x 250g coffee). 

We hope to see you there.

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