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The people behind Bellotos.

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Written by Joshua Tarlo, Origin’s Head of Coffee

Bellotos is a delicious session coffee produced by our direct trade partners, the Pacas family. We wanted to do justice to all the people behind it, from the pickers to the people who got it to us at the Roastery. Here are the unsung heroes. 


Image above: Juan Pacas

We are always excited to work with Maria and Juan Pacas – two siblings in the Pacas family business who, much like their neighbours to the South of Panama, have witnessed the evolution of coffee production in El Salvador; From the time of focusing on large volume crop yields, to the ever increasing need to produce high-end speciality coffee.

After cupping Bellotos in our Roastery in Cornwall earlier this year we experienced delicious base toned chocolate and caramel flavours - another perfect 'session coffee'. Session coffee is a coffee you can drink all day, a real crowd-pleaser that stands as a nod to the classic idea of coffee. 

Coffee cherries at the Pacas farm El Salvador 

The People Who Made It Happen

Picker, Driver, Grader, Processors

This lot was harvested on 29 January 2016 from the trees in the La Calandria section of the farm by Ruperto Bernardino. Ruperto oversaw the sorting of the coffee cherries before Mauricio Landaverde picked up the coffee and drove it from the farm to the Beneficio Vivagua lab. Here the coffee was graded by Jose Manuel for its quality prior to undergoing the washed method, processed by Jorge Flores and Rosalio Perez.

The coffee was than dried for six days being tended by Jose Flores, Nora Martinez, Josefina Castro, Vicente Medina and Teresa Hernandez. The six person team stirred the coffee every hour on the patios to make sure there was an even drying of the parchment. 

Raking the beans at Pacas farm

Quality Controllers, Dry Millers, Sorters

After drying the coffee was checked for quality by Daniel Contreras and Aida Mejia. Their job is to ensure all the stages before them and know what the potential of the coffee is before continuing through further processing. The coffee was approved and given to Ismael Serrano and Emilio Rodriguez for dry milling and then given to the team of thirteen including Endy Ventura, Olga Cordero and Rosa Miranda for sorting to remove defects and create a clean lot.

Packers, Logistics

The coffee was than packaged by Santos Membreno, Ismael Serrano and Celio Azucena in a specially designed green coffee bag that retains the coffees freshness. Finally, Ricardo Aguilera helped us with all the logistics in getting the coffee from the mill to the port.

Coffee sourcing often results in a complex chain often involving hundreds of individuals. We are always hugely pleased to mention each and every individual that make the production and shipment of each of our coffees possible.

Pacas Farm El Salvador

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