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2015. Cups, Comps & Charlotte Road

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2015 was a massive year at Origin. Here’s a year in review from our Coffee Development Manager, Joshua Tarlo.

Measured out in coffee beans we saw over thirty lots grace The Roastery, over four hundred samples through the sample roaster and more cupping bowls than you can wave a stick at. To find those coffees we took sixteen flights, visited five producing countries and over forty producers. And our longest standing direct trade producer, Erwin Mierisch, visited us.

2015 saw new packaging and us launching our Special Edition coffees, opening with the Esmeralda Geisha and closing the year with the epic Ninety Plus Nekisse N2. 

We opened Charlotte Road - a shop and education room in Shoreditch - and started teaching the SCAE Coffee Diploma from there and The Roastery.

The year saw our very own sales manager Dan Fellows take 4th at the UKBC and 2nd at UKCiGS. Our newest Cornish export to London and GM of Charlotte Road William Pitts making a debut at 9th at UKBC. Our go to barista at Charlotte Road and soft spoken giant Jack Henderson poured a beauty of a cup to secure 3rd at UK Latte Art. And finally I was fortunate enough to stumble my way into a 2nd at UKBrC.

The Origin team also worked in the coffee community, supporting the kindest man in coffee and our national training manager Alex Passmore to become the SCAE Community Co-ordinator and myself judging a best of Hulia competition in Colombia as well as the Cup of Excellence Pulp Naturals competition in Brazil.

All in all it’s been an incredible year. And 2016 is looking set to be equally special.

Thanks to you all for your support this year and here’s to more great cups, comps and good times.





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